2019, 11-29
Changzhou TIGER Electronic Materials Co. Ltd. has appointed the Managing Director of Cross Border Technologies GmbH (CBT) to become also Managing Director of their new German subsidiary TIGER Electronics GmbH, registered under HRB 253638, Munich. The German subsidiary has its headquarters co
2019, 03-02
Cross Border Technologies GmbH (CBT) and Indian company IAST Software Solutions Private Ltd., an Automotive Software and System Engineering company, based in Bangalore, signed a contract to offer PaaS (Programming as a Service) for Embedded Software, Functional Safety in the all domains in need of AUTOSAR compliant programming, e.g. BASIC as well as ADAPTIVE. Services will be provided off-premises and on-premises (in Germany compliant to ANÜ-regulations).
2019, 03-01
Changzhou Tiger Electronic Materials Co.,Ltd (TIGER) and Cross Border Technologies GmbH (CBT) signed a business development agreement under which CBT will promote and sell in Europe various advanced heat-dissipating materials (Mo-, W-, Cu-alloys and AlSiC compounds) to selected companies producing power electronic components like IGBTs, thyristors and diodes, for application in avionics, industry, rail (traction) as well as in battery cells for BEVs.  
2017, 09-01
Cross Border Technologies GmbH has signed a contract with Croatian company MIREO, a company providing technologically advanced solutions for GPS-tracking, navigation, telematics, fleetmanagement and big data analysis. CBT Germany will reprensent MIREO in Europe's DACH region.
2017, 02-28
Cross Border Technologies has signed a contract with Korean company Stradvision, becoming Stradvision's sales representative in Europe. Stradvision provides to automotive, surveillance and other markets advanced object detection and recognition software using artificial intelligence / deep learning techniques.
2016, 08-15
Nextchip Co Ltd., Korea, has appointed Cross Border Technologies Inc., Japan, to become their representation and to market and sell its automotive products in Japan. Nextchip is a leading fabless semicoductor company specialized on video processing for various markets and in 2011 launched automotive semiconductors  focussing on ADAS.
2016, 08-01
Voragotech Inc., Austin, Texas, has selected Cross Border Technologies as a representer in Europe, Korea and Japan. Voragotech owns a technology, compatible with any CMOS process, to turn chip designs into high-rel, high-rad and high-temp components. Products can be obtained form foundries that have lisenced Voragotech's technology.
2016, 07-01
Cross Border Technologies and INTEC Advisors GmbH decided to merge their businesses. INTEC has supported mid-size corporations in accessing innovative technologies and will continue under the name of CBT. more details 
2016, 05-01
baimos technologies GmbH and Cross Border Technologies (CBT) signed a business development agreement under which CBT will promote and sell the award winning BlueID technology in Japan, Korea and to selected companies in other regions. BlueID provides for a higly secure digital key. Targeted industrial sectors will be mainly automotive and facility management. 
2016, 02-01
Telit Wireless Solutions GmbH announced the completion of transfer of the entire business from Stollmann GmbH to Telit. Cross Border Technologies will continue its business relation it had with Stollmann under the new ownership, promoting Bluetooth and NFC protocol stacks in Japan and Korea.