cross border

Cross Border Technologies: A specialist in
inter-market transfer of technological innovations

We are a specialist in inter-market transfer of technological innovations. The company was founded in 2011 by two semiconductor and telecommunications industry Executives, who gained decades-long experience in US, Europe and Asia - in basic research, technology development, technology transfer, product development and product marketing.

Cross Border Technologies focuses on innovations in semiconductors, telecommunications devices, NFC technologies, and automotive products.

Services offered by Cross Border Technologies span the entire spectrum of
- scouting for technology for break-through innovations
- assessment of innovative technology
- research of potential applications and markets
- networking on both sides, i.e. innovation providers and users
- project management

Complementing the above services, the company offers add-on consulting services, such as deriving proper pricing strategies in overseas markets, running negotiations, creating business development strategies etc.  

Cross Border Technologies is headquartered in Germany with a subsidiary in Japan, South-Korea and Hongkong. On of the most valuable assets of the company is its extensive network, currently strongest in Japan, Germany and Asia, of highest quality, e.g. with access to Senior Management and Board-Level of most major Japan high-tech company.

Cross Border Technologies and its predecessor Japan Europe Sales and Consulting (JESC) have successfully transferred a number of technological innovations  in the recent past.