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cmNavigo - A mighty Manufacturing Execution System

Navigo is Manufacturing Operations Solution that leverages more than one hundred man-years of experience in the semiconductor industry.

It has been specifically designed to resolve the difficulties and shortcomings of existing manufacturing solutions for semiconductor, solar and electronics industries.

Built with the powerful Critical Manufacturing Foundation, the system goes beyond traditional Manufacturing Execution Systems, encompassing a true integration and productivity framework, a Graphical User Interface extensible platform and an Analytics and Manufacturing Intelligence platform.

  • Next generation User eXperience – all graphic interaction is based on Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 web technology, providing User eXperience beyond what these industries have seen.
  • Rich advanced modeling for semiconductor and solar, for complex process, products, resource and material models, allows full monitoring and control of the production line, and fast introduction of new products and flows.
  • A rich, fast modeling solution, with pre-built models for semiconductor frontend and backend, and solar wafering and cell manufacturing, enables incredibly fast deployments.
  • Manufacturing visibility anywhere – all manufacturing data, reports, charts, etc., both actual and historical, @ the distance of a click.
  • Powerful configuration and extensibility – unique combination of Graphical User Interface extensibility, extension of existing or creation of new manufacturing objects and multi-level workflows.
  • Step-by-step migration – based on the powerful Critical Manufacturing Foundation, allows step-by-step, low risk migration from existing legacy solutions.

Navigo is the only known Rich Internet Manufacturing Solutions application for the high-tech market of semiconductor, solar and electronics. Based on a cross-browser Microsoft Silverlight 3.0, Navigo is a compelling interactive application serving all levels of manufacturing stake-holders.

Designed to have a unique modeling versatility, it responds to the most demanding and complex scenarios for:

  • Semiconductor (Frontend, Backend and Module-houses)
  • Solar (Crystallization, Wafering, Cell Manufacturing and Module Assembly)

Through a combination of the detailed modeling possibilities, integrated analytics and configurable working areas, Navigo provides an un-preceding visibility into the production line.

Navigo’s architecture, built on Critical Manufacturing Foundation, allows seamless integration with other manufacturing applications and layers, enabling total leverage of interoperable services and packaging of complex business processes.

Independent from what the multi-site integration scenario is, Navigo’s rich web interface and integration possibilities, combined with Critical Manufacturing expertise in migration of MES systems, offer unique possibilities of multi-site visibility, integration and migration path